Smartphones have made quite a lot of changes to our day to day life. In the past we used to have digital cameras just to capture photos. These devices were exclusive for one single purpose. They supported video recording, but they were not efficient. Now things have changed drastically, flagship smartphones work far better than dedicated point and shoot cameras. Most of the smartphones come with quite good quality camera especially when they are priced at budget oriented smartphones. iPhone and Android smartphones have the best in class flagship smartphones whose cameras are comparable to a reasonable quality modern  point and shoot camera. With this lets start some ways we can improve the video and image quality in our smartphones.

Shoot at the highest camera setting

Your smartphone camera resolution can range from 8 MP to 16 MP on an average in a budget oriented smartphone. By default your phone will set the quality to normal. This could result in poor image quality. We suggest you to keep you phone camera resolution at its maximum setting, so later when you try to enhance it, you get the full quality.

Keep the camera sturdy

When the smartphone is held in hand, there is very high chance of shaking. This could result in the blury image. In case of video recording the budget smartphones dont have builtin electronic image stabilisation. Thus try to use a cheep tripod this could .

Shoot with sufficient light

If you are shooting the image or video try to get as much light as possible. You can use either the room lights or the natural sunlight. Using the camera flash wont yield in goof quality images. This is because the are comparatively less bright.

Use Landscape mode to capture Images and Videos

When you hold your smartphone horizontally it will result in a 16:9 resolution. This is the standard resolution which you can see in professional camera. By default the camera in smartphones are not wide angle. You can buy ultra cheep clip on lenses which are not that great to use, but they provide you with additional viewing angle.

Use Standard Camera Applications

The camera applications help you enhance the image quality. This is done by processing the image after its been shot. Your default camera applications is good enough in most of the cases. You get a ton of modes, choose the right one for your purpose.



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