Opera Max Data Saver Application

Smartphones have become the primary source of computation. The modern smartphones can outperform the desktop computers that are years old. As the smartphone power enhances, the complexity of the device also increases. With the development of high speed wireless internet communication the mobile data has become the primary source of internet for most of the users. Especially since we use the smartphones every day and use it every moment of the day. Opera Max is an android application that will reduce your data consumption drastically.

As per Opera Company Opera Max is a data and privacy management app for Android that saves your data and gives you an extra layer of protection on public or unsecured Wi-Fi networks. It also shrinks data use across all your apps to help you save data and money. With the data savings and privacy protection modes, enjoy more videos, music, games, and messaging longer and safer. For details you can visit their official website (Opera Max Official Site)

Compress and save your data

Opera Max has builtin algorithms that will compress and transfer them between their server and you smartphone. This will reduce the data consumption in long run. You cannot expect huge data save with this functionality, but in the long run it will save your data by a considerable amount.

Protection from Hackers

Opera Max uses a internal VPN to communicate with the smartphone and the external internet. This is good because it will provide you an extra layer of security.

Useful reports for smart management

The Opera Max application provides the live feed of data packet transfer. Also this application provides the complete report of how much data is being saved. The Regular reports on the amount of saved and wasted data are provided. Using Opera Max’s management tools, you’ll be able to limit or restrict an app’s use of data and customize their data portions.

Useful reports


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