Forgot your car key again? Kept something in the refrigerator and let it waste? How do you remember them? The funniest part is some people forgot their girlfriend’s birthday, their marriage anniversary and so on. This will make verse than ever.

We forget our belongings quite often. It is not surprising because everyone does. To remember things, someone writes it down on the sticky notes while someone stores it in the digital notes to get. Today’s smartphone world, there is no scarcity for Apps handles reminding tasks efficiently.

Now Google is making task pretty simple using ‘Google Assistant.’ It is more or less your personal assistant. Newer Android versions have Google Assistant inbuilt feature, or else you can use Google Allo to take advantage of it. Give a try Google Assistant to remember things for you.

Follow the guide and give a try Google Assistant to remember things for you!

Activate your Google assistant saying “OK Google” or long pressing home button.  Start with “Remember….. Followed by things you would like to remember by Google. Let say you are keeping your car key in Laptop bag then you could say to Google assistance “Remember I kept my car key in a laptop bag.”

Let’s take a look at some more examples like

  • Remember my favorite color is green
  • Remember my hotel room number is 2658
  • Remember Olivia’s Birthday is on 30th May
  • Remember I kept my wallet in drawer

Google assistant helps you to rememberGoogle assistant remember daily task

Now you can ask Google assistant what it remembers just by saying “What did I say about my hotel room number?” or just say “What did I ask you to remember? And it pops up with the whole bunch of list which you told Google assistant to remember recently.

Google assistant remember your things

If you think some of the reminders are unnecessary then clear them right away. To do so activate assistance and command “Forget what I’ve said about my favorite colour”. If you want to clear whole list by saying “What did I Ask you to remember” then hit ‘Forgot all of that’. It will clear all reminders in Google assistant.

Google assistant voice reminder Google assistant remember your task

Google assistant reminders makes your life easier and I am sure, you will never forget important tasks you can’t afford to miss.


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