Bookmarking is the best feature every browser comes with. Many of us making bookmarks for some of the websites we visit quite often. We will have the whole bunch of bookmarks after some time. If we lose those bookmarks accidentally, it is highly impossible to get them back. This mishap could occur while you are switching one browser to another, reinstalling chrome, etc. In these occasion taking backup of your bookmarks is highly recommended. This article has covered how to import and export bookmarks from chrome with simple steps.

Take a look at these steps and screenshots to export bookmarks from Chrome quickly:

  1. Head over Chrome Browser
  2. Click on ‘three dots menu(Customize and Control Google Chrome) on the top right-hand corner
  3. Mouse hover on ‘Bookmarks’ and then click on ‘Bookmarks manage.’ You can use the shortcut ‘Ctrl+Shift+O’ on your keyboard.
  4. Select ‘Organize’ to open the drop-down menu. Now choose ‘Export Bookmark to HTML File…
  5. Select destination to save the file.

Export bookmarks 1

Export bookmarks 2

Now you are ready to import the bookmarks to the different browser. Exported HTML file can be used as backup of bookmarks, or you can share them with others.

How to Import bookmark to chrome browser

  1. Once you are in chrome select ‘Menu’ on the top right hand corner
  2. Go to ‘Bookmarks’ and then select ‘Import bookmark and settings
  3. It will take to ‘Settings’ and now under the ‘People’ tab click on ‘Import bookmarks and settings’.
  4. Select ‘Bookmarks HTML file’ from the drop-down.
  5. Choose the file which you have downloaded already and hit ‘Import.

import bookmarks 1

import bookmarks 1

import bookmarks 1



Now all your bookmarks will appear in the bookmarks bar. Make sure you have turned on ‘Show bookmark bar‘ in the browser.

If you are still confused this video can guide you step-by-step how to import and export bookmarks in chrome.


    • Hi Dilip,

      You can use third party applications like Bookmark Sort & Backup , Maxthon Add-on: Bookmark Backup or Bookmark Manager Lite .
      These applications are available on appstore. Hope i cleared your question.


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