What Reduces The Battery Life

We all have been using smartphones from past several years but improving Battery Life has been a major concern lately. All this started with the introduction of iPhone in 2007 later followed by Android Phones. This is where the smartness of the phones grew to a great extent.These phones had several new functionality like full touch screen, several sensors and the drastic increase in processing power in a phone. All these functionalities came at the cost of Battery Life. Old Nokia phones could last or several days with one single charge, where as the new phones now lasted hardly one day. To overcome this drawback the phones came with more capacity batteries, still these could not match the battery backup of the basic phones. To overcome these issues here we are with some tips which will drastically improve your battery performance.

improve battery in smartphone

Turn the Phone Data On Only When You Are Using

This method will save your battery life by a very large margin. The radio used to keep the network connection. This consumes a lot of battery power, almost over 40% of total battery usage.Thus by turning off the internet connectivity when you are not using it will reduce this overhead resulting in longer battery Life.

 Deactivate The Vibration

We all have the habit of keeping the vibration On, this also could result in more battery usage, as the vibration is caused by mechanical devices with uses magnetisation . Thus by disabling this we can improve lot of battery performance.

Kill Unused Applications

The applications reside in the phones memory when you open them. This will be replaced by the operating system only when it reaches memory full scenario. It takes lot of energy to keep refreshing the memory. Some of these applications will run background tasks which will be overkill when you don’t use them. Thus by killing unwanted applications it will save the battery.

Turn Off The WiFi When Not Required

The WiFi works on the principle of radio waves. When ever the phone is connected to the network it has to transmit and receive the radio signals. This frequent transmittion and receiving of the radio waves will require a lot of battery. This is similar to the cellphone (3G/4G) Network thus deactivating the WiFi will reduce unnecessary active connection with the WiFi router. This can even reduce the data consumption as unnecessary data usage is prevented.

Reduce Screen Brightness

The Smartphone comes with different types of displays like LED,LCD,OLED etc. But most of the screen technologies uses a back light lit by LED lights, which actually consumes a large chunk of power. This is taken care automatically in some smart phones with the light sensors but in most budget smartphones this is not available. So reducing their brightness will drastically improve the battery backup.

Remove Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpapers are animated pictures, this consumes quite a lot of processing power. Thus we can use simple image in its place. This also keeps your screen on and in turn uses the screen more than required. This increases the usage of LED back lighting, thus better not to use the live wallpapers.

Use a Power Bank

This is the final solution, if you cannot get enhanced power backup by using the above methods. This is what a heavy phone users must go with. You can buy a 10000 mAh power bank which can be used to charge you phone multiple times. I personally use this as my phone don’t last with heavy usage for an entire day.


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