How to Run Nintendo NES on Android?

Nintendo gaming consoles are one of the most popular one. We all would have used them to enjoy our childhood classic games with these 8Bit Gaming machines. They used to come with game cartridges, this includes Super Mario Bro, Contra etc. In modern era of 3D games with Ultra high quality of graphics still those retero games are still fun to play. Now android has become a primary means of our primary computing, so in this article let’s understand how we can play oldschool Nintendo NES and Super NES games in our modern android smart devices. This is achieved with the usage of emulators.

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John SNES is one of the popular SNES emulators. It is almost compatible with original SNES game engine. It can play almost all of the original games those were built for original SNES .This emulator also have support for game pads. Overall we rate this a good android application.

Download John SNES



Retroarch is also one of the emulators that can emulate SNES. Retroarch supports on-screen controls, also it is compatibile with most of the gamesIt is open source hence its totally free application unlike others.

Download Retroarch


Snes9x EX+

Snes9x EX+ is one of the old emulators in the market.It makes it one of the best SNES emulator. It’s also open source like retroarch and has all the features available in most of the available SNES emulators.This also supports for external game pad.

Download Snes9x EX+



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