In today’s world internet could be the creepiest place ever. You should protect yourself while browsing the web. The dangerous virus, malwares, and security breaches are increasing seamlessly. Best VPN service could bring you a peace of mind with these senarios

Your browsing data is tracked by many advertisers, ISPs, and governments. No matter if you are a public figure or an ordinary man, who is not aware of privacy.

The hard truth is, you don’t have complete control on all your activities while surfing the web. But there are many ways to protect yourself. One of the prime ways is opting best VPN service. VPN is the primary security, which keeps you away from Hackers, Internet Service Providers (ISP), malicious software apps and snoops.

Disconnect is the best answer which offers an all-in-one solution. Featured in The New York Times for being the best VPN service with a blend of tracker and blocker. Recognized as one of the best privacy and security tool on the market in SXSW Interactive Conference.

Have a Look at Some of Best Features of Disconnect

Experience the Super-fast Browsing Speed

Honestly, so called best VPN service providers would make your browsing experience pathetic. Some of the reasons resulting slow internet connects are:

  • VPNs are routing through servers which are very far.
  • High CPU usage due to VPN encryption.
  • ISP throttling.

Trackers are everywhere on the web spread by Hackers, Snoops, and Websites. Due to integrated Malware detection, and tracker blocking Disconnect boost up your internet connection. Results show up to 44% of browsing speed has been increased by using up to 39% lower bandwidth.

Protecting Your Data

Disconnect protect your sensitive data from all kinds of malwares, companies, government, and cyber criminals. It offers encrypted internet connection which protects from hackers on public Wi-Fi. Some free or cheap VPN service providers will keep eye one you. You feel safe in case of Disconnect as it never tracks your activities.

Masking Your Identity

No will ever come to know from which part of the world you’re browsing. Disconnect best VPN service will hide your identity and keep you private and ensure your safe browsing. Most interesting fact is you can have access to blocked website and applications

Disconnect can be used for free as well as Paid. Premium service is currently on sale in the Mashable Shop for $49 with lifetime subscription. You can visit their official website for more information here.

Using VPN is one of the ways to stay protected on the web. You can follow below steps to make more secure your browsing experience.

  • Installing latest internet protection or antivirus is the best way to stay away from harmful viruses.
  • Pay more attention when you are sharing your information on the Social Medias.
  • There are some emails which bring malware to your system. Be careful while clicking links, downloading attachments, etc.
  • Online shopping sites are becoming more popular these days. When doing an online transaction is that make sure site is protected and using SSL.
  • Create strong passwords inclusive of Upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols.
  • Websites will store a small piece of code called cookies to increase the load speed. Clearing them on a regular basis will prevent tracking.


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