Search Engine Optimization is good practice. Sometimes too much SEO can lead google to put the red flag on your website. Over-Optimization is the way to get your site penalized. Google always try to give the better results to the users. While keeping that in mind it has rolled out many algorithms. Basically, Search Engine Over-optimization comes into picture while we try to make more SEO improvements.

There is no absolute definition for over optimization, but indeed, it falls in the realm of SEO. When you are creating content for web pages, keep in mind that the user will read your content and not the search engines. It is always better to deliver what the readers are expecting whenever they visit your site. You need to figure out what you are doing wrong then compare what is the best SEO and what not.

I have listed some of the signs that indicate your website is Over-Optimized

Using Irrelevant Keywords

While writing an article use those keywords which are highly related to your niche. Never try to rank for irrelevant keywords. Some search engine optimizers use many keywords which are highly searched but not at all related to their topics. This is the way of stealing some traffics through those keywords.

The search engine is clever enough to find non-relevant keywords while indexing your website. When search engines crawl your web pages, they will consider all the keywords. If they find any violation in keyword usage all over the domain, your page will be downgraded by search engines.

Anchor Text and Keywords for Internal Linking

Internal linking is the crucial part of SEO to gain more rank in SERP. When you interlink through anchor text, it shouldn’t contain the same keyword of the link URL.

This example will make you clearer.

Anchor Text: Check out the ‘best place to visit in New York.’

Link to – best-place-to-visit-in-New-York

You might be wonder internal linking is must for good SEO. So what is the big deal? 

It is OK to use anchor text which contains the keywords same as the destination URL occasionally. When you start over using it, definitely you will be penalized by google.

Keyword rich anchor text ruins your website SERP drastically. Google has announced that using them is not natural link building practice. You can read this article to know more on Link Schemes.

Formatting Content

Content formatting includes making the text Bold, Italic, Underlined, Using H1, H2, H3, etc. and it is another way to rank high. Using two H1s in the same article is not at all accepted. Instead, you can use more H2s and H3s. Making too much bolds and Italics will plant red flag on your website.

The thumb rule is don’t try to format too much inside the content. Keep it naturally and make sure both the readers and search engines like the way you write.

Directing All the Links to Top-Level Navigation Pages

Some of the webmasters try to achieve strong link profile by directing links to main pages of the website. Home Page, About Us or other categories pages like Services, Blogs, etc. are the main navigations menus. While building links, you need to concentrate both major navigations as well as deep pages of your website.

I strongly suggest concentrating on both top-level navigation and deep internal links. To be a smarter side keep the ratio of 1:1 or make sure 50% the internal links or external links are pointing to deep links.

Links to Poor Website

When you are trying to obtain the link juice for your website, there might be a situation that your outbound links are pointing to the Low DA (Domain Authority) websites. Before giving a link to another website, check once whether the website has a good reputation including high DA and PA (Page Authority). Spammy sites can downgrade your website and affect your ranking possibilities.

Link juice has to flow in both the ways. If the DA is below 20 to 25 then never link to that website. If you are planning to buy a backlink in bulk make sure DA and PA are more in nature and trust worthy.

Accommodating More Keywords in Footer

Some of the webmasters include major keywords in the footer, and this is how over-optimization occurs. Google will degrade the value of keywords which are existed in the footer.

If you are adding Name, Address and Phone (NAP), that is entirely OK. You should not dump a bunch of keywords in the footer as anchors. It never helps in ranking besides contributing to over-optimization.

Keyword Condensed URLs

Many webmasters go with keyword based domains while establishing a business. For example, a person starting an e-commerce website which sells agricultural products. He will choose the domain name as ‘buyagriculturalproductsonline .com.’

This URL looks great, but when you see in the view of search engines this is hyper-optimized, and you are inviting a penalty.

When you are trying to create a brand name for your company you need to have a unique name beside a unique URL. Just concentrating on keywords is a crazy thing you would ever imagine.


Over optimization happens when we focus more on the technical part of SEO. You should be aware that you are writing for readers who are coming to your website.

I am not saying to stop doing SEO, but everything should be in a limit. Building natural looking pages with search engine friendly methods give you the better results. You will never be able to achieve your goals by choosing wrong path. There is no shortcut to success similarly for SEO.


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