Are you dreaming of becoming a successful Digital Marketer and wish to get hired by top companies? I hope you did. Then you need an outstanding skill set which makes you stand out from the crowd. Which is why you need to master in top digital marketing skills.

Digital marketing has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Every company is planning to establish themselves in the digital world. It is possible when they have a digital marketer who is accomplished with in and out of digital marketing. Companies are facing difficulties while recruiting, as the candidates are not meeting the job requirements.

What skills do you need to become pro digital marketer?

Marketing Fundamentals and Research

As a digital marketer, you have to understand the marketing concepts thoroughly. Most of the marketers fail to do a market research properly. I am not saying to read big books or and sit in the classroom again. At least you should have the basic knowledge of recent marketing trends and how consumers think while buying any product or services. Prepare consumer journey which can call it as marketing funnel, before applying your strategies. I am a summarizing the user journey into four simple steps which are:

Awareness: In this stage, the person will come across different options before buying any product or services.
Consideration: In this process, the person will choose a range of product or service that could be serviceable for him.
Decision: the last step of the funnel is decision making where a person decides one of the best product or services among all.
Purchase: Person will buy the product or service he has chosen in decision stage.
Once you are done with the funnel start developing strategies on it. If you are a digital marketer, then you must have marketing fundamentals and research knowledge.

Search Marketing

As a digital marketer, you need to gain massive experience in search marking because it is the lifeline of digital marketing. Let say the business just established its identity in the digital world, then the primary duty of every digital marketer is to bring traffic and increase the visibility of the business. To boost the traffic and rank, you must use search marketing which comprises Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEO helps to get traffic through unpaid channels like a search engine where SEM is the way to gain traffic by paid channels.

Mastering Social Media

Proper use of social media is significant to grow the business. There are many social channels which you need to understand in depth as a digital marketer. You have to dig deeper and deeper to understand their concepts. Once you are perfect in social media, then you can develop a blueprint that could leverage your business.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are implementing new concepts every day to help the markers or business owners to fulfill their needs. Being aware of new features and knowing its uses is a plus to become a most wanted digital marker.

Paid Advertisement

Paid ads are the best way to drive traffic rapidly. But when it comes to digital marketer it is a big headache to manage them. Most of the digital marketers lag behind while handling paid campaigns. Companies are allocating budget for the paid advertisements with an expectation of best ROI. By considering the budget you need to allocate into different channels like Google AdWords, Facebook Advertisements, and LinkedIn Ad campaigns, etc. to extract maximum ROI. As the investment is available for only one time, hence there will be no second chance that you could try different methods if your first ad campaign goes down the drain.

Understanding the basic concepts like

  • How to Write a Better Ad Copies
  • Finding best-converting Images
  • Understanding the basic structure of Advertising platforms like AdWords, Facebook Power editor, etc.
  • How to target the audience and whom to target
  • How to adjust the bids time by time
  • How to tweak the campaigns
  • How to use remarketing
  • What are CPM, CPC, and CTR, etc.

Knowing these concepts comes handy when you want to run successful ad campaigns. Proper market research about your customers also one of the key factor to drive more ROI.

Data Analysis

You will get tons of data from various sources when you are working in digital marketing. Analytical skills are must for every digital marketer. You come across many situations where you need to handle the data to make a decision. For example, you are getting sufficient amount of traffic to your website from the past two years, and now you need to decide who are the potential customer and how they purchased your product or services. Now you have a big data list and don’t know where to start. In this scenario, analytical skills help you a lot to take the right decision. It’s no wonder that you need a set of skills to analyze the data and pull out the report from it.

Some of the primary data sources you should know and often used by every business are:
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Insights
  • LinkedIn Analytics etc.

Email Marketing

Emails are the best way to get in touch with customers. Every business will collect emails from a person who may visit their website or purchased the product or services. Email newsletter may include information like the newly written article, new product release, cross selling upselling, etc. As a digital marketer, you should be able to send the email newsletter to the customers on a regular interval.

Now a day’s email is being sent by Email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponce, ClickFunnels and so on. After every email campaigns, you need to analyze by considering various factors like bounce rate, open rate, and conversions. Having enough knowledge in email automation software is must when it comes to becoming top digital marker.

Technical Skills

Digital marketers are dependent on the technical team most of the time. It might be the deploying of analytics code, landing page development, Changes in the website, etc.  If you are asking each and every minute modifications to the technical team, you will not be able to deliver the project in time. To overcome from these scenarios, you need to have at least basic knowledge on technical skills like:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JAVA Script
  • WordPress
  • SQL

You can learn to code from scratch by visiting websites like w3schools, Codeacademy, and Khan Academy and much more for free. Isn’t that cool?

Some More Bonus Digital Marketing Skills That Makes You Champion

  • Be a fantastic communicator to reach out customers
  • Knowing Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator helps you to create stunning designs and images which reduce dependency on the designer.
  • Take skill assessment test to find out where you are standing now. There are many free courses google is offering to assess your skills like Adwords fundamentals, Analytics, Display Marketing, Video Marketing and So on. Even the Hubspot is offering some of the free certification course like Email Marketing, Content Marketing, etc.
  • Working knowledge in Hootsuite, Buffer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Silverpop, etc. are a plus.

We have come across the long journey of top digital marketing skills you could master. Learning is never ending process so you have to be proactive and adaptive to each and every change happens every single day.

Happy digital marketing!


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